About the cattery

Welcome to Blue Ridge – a breeding cattery of Maine Coons. Here you can get acquainted with me, my team mates and our pets. My name is Catherine and I am the owner of the cattery. Except for me, several families are engaged in raising and caring for kittens — they are all my friends or relatives. On the pages with information about the animals you can find where and with whom they live.

I do not make a secret of it, because I can vouch for each of them! We are united by a common idea and, of course, a great love for cats. No wonder they say if ones you get a Maine Coon you will never get rid of the thought to afford a second one! So it happened to us … Maine Coons are known to have a remarkable intellect, they are very socialized, and their character reminds me the character of my little son! They are also sometimes naughty and playful, but always remain very gentle, loving and loyal creatures.

As you know, all the cats are big individuals and demonstrate their independence of the owners as soon as possible. But in Maine Coon cats this feature is not distinctive. Maine Coons are quite sociable and playful and like to follow their owners everywhere. They are also quite tolerant to the rough caress of children.

Interestingly, in the photo Maine Coon cats sometimes seem arrogant and wild. But, fortunately, their appearances are deceitful. At the same time, these cats have a high self-esteem and stop any familiarity, especially on the part of visitors and unfamiliar people. You should insinuate yourself into their confidence but if you let this cat into your heart, believe me, it will be difficult to find more affectionate and faithful friend!

The cats of this breed are easily compatible with all other pets, so you do not have to worry about the fate of your old dog or a cat — Maine Coons take them as family members and treat them respectively. However, that’s quite a different story with your parrots, fish and hamsters … they are likely to be one of the main dishes for breakfast, lunch or dinner!