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Holda Holda
Date of Birth: 18.07.2019
Color: MCO g
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Maine Coon kittens

It is difficult not to agree with those, that kittens breed Maine Coon – this embodiment of friendliness and optimism. Funny, funny and playful, they cheer up one of its kind. We can say that the kittens the Maine Coon is the best remedy for the Blues. Their expressive muzzle, graceful movements, charm inherent in any cub, make them universal favorites. But the owners of these kittens should not overdo it with tenderness, giving Maine Coon the necessary education. Usually they quickly understand what orders are brought in scrap and willingly follow them. But if you allow all the whims and whims of a kitten, it can deliver its owners a lot of trouble. Therefore, some rigor in the treatment of kittens should be. The person who decided to buy a kitten Maine Coon, of course, should get all the information about animal care, and we are happy to help you with this. It will not take much effort to accustom the pet to the new rules and establish relations with all family members. Our Maine Coon kittens are socialized, open for communication and trained to obey the owner. This is extremely important for those people who do not yet have enough experience in handling animals. For them, the decision to buy a kitten Maine Coon – this is a serious act, but we, for our part, do everything to make our Pets bring you only positive emotions. Do not disappoint you and the price of a kitten Maine Coon. It is quite accessible and will not cause damage to the family budget. But first of all for the buyer it is important to know that for the money he receives absolutely healthy and active kitten, and we can guarantee it!

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