Cat Maine Coon

As you know, all cats are great individualists and demonstrate their independence to the owners at the first opportunity. But in cats Maine Coon this property if expressed, it is very weak. Cats Maine Coon differ sociable and playful nature, they like to be in the presence of their owners, good-natured perceive affection, sometimes quite clumsy, on the part of children. It is curious that in the photo the cats are the Maine Coon at times appear haughty and arrogant. But, fortunately, this trait character have them is missing. At the same time, cats of this breed have a high self-esteem and prevent any familiarity, especially from guests and unfamiliar people. Their location to win, but if the cat let you into his heart, believe me, more affectionate and loyal friend you will be hard to find. The cat of this breed shows liveliness and in relation to other Pets, so you do not have to worry about the fate of your old cat or dog - Maine Coons perceive them as family members and are accordingly. Another thing is your parrots, fish or hamsters... With a high probability they will make one of the main dishes for Breakfast, lunch or dinner!

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