Cats Maine Coon

Each Maine Coon cat is a unique creature with its own character, habits and characteristics. At the same time, Coons are United by one feature – love to the house in which they live, devotion to the owners. Cats of this breed are well feel the mood of his master and never mind if he is not currently before them. Delicacy and optimism can be called one of the main features of this breed, so wanting to buy a cat Maine Coon always abound. Beautiful and well-groomed cats raised with us, complaisant, good-natured, go to contact with children, forgiving them all pranks and leprosy. And this is not surprising, because in our cattery Maine Coon is surrounded by love and attention, animals are accustomed to the fact that a person can only expect a good attitude. And, of course, they pay the same. Adorable purring that little guy will not leave anyone indifferent, and lift your spirits. Looking into our cattery Maine Coon, you probably will not leave it without a new friend. Touching and playful cats do not go beyond the boundaries of what is allowed, knowing that it can anger or upset the owner. They are very balanced and respect other people's territory and habits, so you can easily negotiate with them. With our help you can buy a cat Maine Coon without any risk. All animals in our nursery are kept in excellent conditions, receive the necessary veterinary care, and therefore healthy and active.

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Friends, I inform you about the opening of the kennel page in social networks Instagram and Vkontakte. There you can see photos that are not on the site, as well as find out the prices for kids and get more prompt answers to your questions.